To meet the patients' needs, we have been devoted to manufacturing user-friendly products.
With a strength in advanced coating technology, we are consistently conducting the whole manufacture from research and development to factory production by ourselves.
In addition to advanced testing facilities and well-trained personnel, we have introduced a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to fully support the raw material acceptance testing and the finished product release testing.
We have thus established a system to consistently supply high quality products.

Furthermore, in order to promptly improve products through listening to the voice of patients, we have also created a problem-solving system by collecting information externally and by sharing information internally.
We have been constantly addressing the quality improvement of our products.
We ourselves perform the whole manufacturing processes from formulation studies to factory production.
This micron-unit thin and small film formulation is generated by fully utilizing the technology of our company.
A milestone for Film formulation
…"From mm (millimeter) to µm (micrometer)"
An oral film formulation that has completely changed the conventional image of oral drugs.
We are the pioneer in the world in developing and commercializing this type of formulation. We employ a sophisticated coating technology to convert the thinly and uniformly coated multiple sheets into multi-layered products, which lets us become the No.1 in the world in number of oral film formulations.
< Advantages of Film Formulation >
· Extremely thin and excellently portable.
· Products can be featured with various functions by combining multiple layers that separately contain different ingredients.
· Letters and designs can be printed on products to increase medication safety.

· OD film (Orally Disintegrating Film)
…rapidly disintegrates in the cavity
This active-ingredient-containing film is as thin as 80-100 µm and is small enough to stand on a fingertip.
As the film is able to quickly disintegrate in the mouth, the active ingredients contained can be easily and effortlessly swallowed together with saliva.
Since the film can be taken without water anytime and anywhere, it is useful for those who face waterless situation like inside a train, or for those who are in a place difficult to get clean water, or for those like young children and the elderly who have difficulty in swallowing drugs, and also for those like caregivers who help patients to take drugs.
Multilayer structure consisting of 3 or more layers.
The standard thickness is approximately 100 µm , which is about as thick as a strand of hair.

· AD film (orally adhesive film formulation)
…attach the film to the cavity for use
This type of film adheres to the oral mucosa and releases active ingredients over 30 minutes to several hours in a controlled manner.
Our AD film requires no remove after using.
The technology to thinly and evenly coat and spread ingredients is the basis of our products.We are able to manufacture not only the transdermal patches acting topically but also the transdermal patches acting systemically.
Systemic Patch
A transdermal patch able to deliver drugs to the whole body, which resulted from improving our technology in coating and spreading thinly and evenly.
This patch can avoid the first pass effect, and can also prolong the duration of action as the containing active ingredients are able to be gradually absorbed through the skin.
Since the medication status can be visually confirmed, this product is useful not only in medical treatments but also in nursing care.
Isosorbide Dinitrate Patch
Tulobuterol Patch
Topical Patch
Our research and development and manufacture started from a topically-acting anti-inflammatory analgesic patch.
Various active ingredients can be developed into these two types of patches.
Ketoprofen, Flurbiprofen, Indomethacin, Loxoprofen sodium, Felbinac, Methyl salicylate, Glycol salicylate
· Hydrous Patch (Gel Patch)
A formulation we initially worked on, which is our origin of manufacturing patient-friendly medicine.

· Non-hydrous Patch
"Hot-melt manufacturing method" and "Emulsion manufacturing method" – We are able to use these two kinds of methods to manufacture topical patches.
The products made by the "Emulsion manufacturing method" have good moisture permeability.